Is it right for a Christian to vote?

There is a debate going on as to whether Christians should vote and many well-meaning individuals claim we should not because, as they say, Christ would not. Well, of course He wouldn’t, if He was here He would be running the show! But, He is not here, yet. They fail to understand God’s original civil government of the nation of Israel was run by him.

The Scriptures show that God can and sometimes does decide who will be the leader of a nation. But He also allows people to pick their leaders, and the nation is judged based on that decision.

"Choose wise, understanding, and knowledgeable men from among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you." (Deuteronomy 1:13)

At that time, they were to be an example to the other nations on how to run a government. But the nation failed to follow God’s rules, allowing a few evil individuals to flourish and corrupt their society, which led to the eventual destruction of it. Again, we see this happening in our own society by a few “well meaning” Christian organizations telling the members not to vote. Why not? Voting is our way to let others running the government know that we will not tolerate evil among us!

They say that God puts in place those that he wants in control, and once upon a time it was so, no nations allowed the people a say, the people had no voice in who took the seats of power. Though most nations still do not allow the people to chose their leaders, God has arranged for those nations of a Christian back ground a voice in who will rule them. Voting has only been around in a few governments for a few hundred years, the people now must choose between evil and good in the persons who govern them. For a nation to be judged, it's people must have a say in it's policies.

As Christians we are called to be an influence to those around us, and those who run our government. When you choos not to vote, you walk away from your chance to make a difference.

Truly we the people are at fault for not making sure our voices are heard, we have allowed a few deviant and evil people to control our country and our life! Satan, whom Christ called the god of this world in 2 Corinthians 4:4, couldn’t be happier as he continues to gain ground because Christians continue to follow the advice of the deceived, a case of the blind following the blinded.

Not voting to stop drug legalization, or voting out individuals who promote abortion, etc., is the same as giving approval of such actions in our worldly government.  The command in ancient Israel was to stone to death those who refuse to do the right thing, not to bury our heads in the sand, and say “God is in charge.” Yes, He is in charge and His command is to stop evil in our midst, not to condone it or ignore it.

If all Christians would drop to their knees and pray, and take action, this nation would have a chance of returning to its former Christian roots, and the stealing, killing, raping, and tortures would almost all disappear, there will always be those who chose to due evil. We would become a land of prosperity again. But alas, we know that won’t happen because so many allow themselves to be ruled by the evil that has crept in among us. When Christ returns, will you be able to stand before him and say, I did my best to follow your Word and keep evil at bay?

Christians MUST VOTE to show that they want to contain evil, and have chosen to live by God's word!


The Church of God Proclaimed