Vows to God

Deuteronomy 23:23 "That which has gone from your lips you shall keep and perform, for you voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God what you promised with your mouth."

Ecclesiastes 5:4 "When you make a vow5088 to God, do not delay to pay it; for He has no pleasure in fools. Pay what you have vowed.

Proverbs 20:25 "It is a snare for a man to devote rashly something as Holy, and afterward to reconsider his vow."

A vow is a serious matter. It is best not to make a vow should one fall short.

The word translated vow in the Strong's Concordance,

5088 "neh'-der, nay'-der From H5087; a promise (to God); also (concretely) a thing promised: - vow ([-ed])."

Can a Vow be Rescinded?

God has given guidelines for being released from a vow.

Vows are something that God holds very serious. One must be very careful when making vows, to God or whomever. If a vow is made to God, only God can release them from that vow.

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