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I will now be posting questions I receive, as well as my answers for others to read here.

  • Question: "If there was a worldwide destruction and flood after verse 1 of Genesis 1 but before verse 2, why is there no corresponding layer of sediment that geologists can find, and why is there no worldwide layer of sediment as a result of the flood in Noah's day?"

    I believe the answer to the first question is answered in verses 9-12. Notice that there was no flood, it was a total recreation, or one might say a new creation different from the first. See AGE OF THE EARTH
    As for the second question, there is plenty of evidence to be found such as the many core samples taken across the globe that show a definite layering affect as one might find caused by flooding. One could also look at the layers of sedimentary rock exposed across many canyons across world, such as observed at the Grand Canyon as evidence of deposits of water during the Genesis flood.
    But the most compelling would have to be the many deposits of sea creatures found hundreds of miles from the coasts across the globe.

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