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One who is deceived would not be deceived if he were aware of the deception.

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What Does The Church of God Proclaimed Mean?

The Church of God Proclaimed stands for proclaiming the message of Gods church, and according to Scripture a "Church" consists of "called out ones" who live by the Word of God, it is not an organization, but resides within a person.

What is The Church of God Proclaimed?


This is the personal website of Phillip Farrell, AKA The Church of God Proclaimed. All articles are based upon my understanding of the Bible and history, any opinions expressed are my own. All articles topics are designed to show where and what scripture says on any particular subject, being kept short and to the point. Don't believe me, BELIEVE YOUR BIBLE! Always go to your BIBLE and check what you read here.

The knowledge I have gained has come from over thirty years of studying the Bible, both on my own and with various brethren and organizations that I have met and worshiped with over the years.  I felt a desire to share those studies with others, so I created the Church of God Proclaimed website as a means to do that.

The Bible is the Word of God, and is infallible as the only source of truth. And that is why I keep my comments on each subject to a minimum. I believe that what I write is correct, but make no claim to infallibility.

I hope that this web site will serve as a useful bible study source.

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,

Phillip Farrell

Mistakes and Theories


If you notice actual mistakes (typos, improper citations, faulty links, etc.) at The Church of God Proclaimed, please email me so I can try to correct them. I am happy to correct any factual errors. My email address is located below. If you have a sincere question about something written at the The Church of God Proclaimed, I will try to answer it if I can. Also, please provide the URL for the article.

However, I am not interested in religious spam, newsletters I have not signed up for, non-personal emails, group emails, sales offers, condemnations of my writings.


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

Due to personal obligations I do not check emails daily, and may not answer immediately

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